101700ZMAR19 - Dales to Dunes | A joint SIVA and EYV event


Swiss International Virtual Airlines is proud to work with Etihad Virtual in the making of this event. This will be a flyout from Swiss Virtual’s hub, LSZH, to Etihad Virtual’s hub, OMAA. Together will be flying some tourists down to Abu Dhabi with Etihad’s wonderful Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Server: Expert

Airport: LSZH ->OMAA

Time: 2019-03-10T17:00:00Z

NOTAM: This event will be held on the expert server, so rules will be enforced. This includes proper Unicom usage and speed restrictions.


Gate Assignments
Gate Aircraft Pilot SIVA or EYV Member
Dock E Gate 23 787-10 @Abel_Kocsis EYV004
Dock E Gate 27 787-10 @Amaar_Viqar EVY001
Dock E Gate 35 787-10 @LukacsBoti EYV-149
Dock E Gate 43 787-10 @esant_15 SIVA216
Dock E Gate 47 787-10 @Chindle_1204 SIVA004
Dock E Gate 57 787-10 @Beau_Giles SIVA100
Dock E Gate 67 787-10 @Rishon_R N/A
Dock E Gate 56 787-10 @Manuel SIVA138
Dock E Gate 52 787-10
Dock E Gate 46 787-10
Dock E Gate 42 787-10 @Levi_Burgreave EVY002
Dock E Gate 34 787-10 @AirSerene EVY170
Dock E Gate 26 787-10 @nincombop EYV156
Dock E Gate 20 787-10 @Cloudrush EYV003

More gates will be added if needed.

Flight Plan:

Cruise: FL330
Cruise Speed: Mach 0.85
Duration: 5:45-6:10


Copy from EVY001

Check out Swiss International Virtual Airline here!

Any pilot who joins Swiss Virtual will be able to get a 3x flight bonus if they participate in this event.

Check out Etihad Virtual Here!

Any new pilot who submits an application to join Etihad Virtual 48 hours prior to or after the event will be entitled to 2x multiplier for the flight


Can I have Dock E Gate 42, please :)

EYV002 - IPP LEVItation


I’d like to have Dock E Gate 23.
EYV004 - IPP Captain Abel


EYV003 I would like to have a gate please!!! Dock E Gate 20 would be fine.


Requesting a gate please :)

Callsign : EYV001


I’ll take a gate representing SIVA! Callsign SIVA216.


I will have a gate. SIVA 004

Thansk Charlie


I’d like to have Dock E Gate 35.
EYV-149 - Boti Lukacs

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Sign me up please!

Callsign: SIVA100.

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Hi I’ll take dock E gate 26 please, EYV156.

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Callsign EYV 170
Any dock E gate

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Hi, I’ll take any gate [EYV 144] Hussein.

Can @Hussein_Zreik (above) please have Dock E Gate 46.

Thanks guys! :)

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Hello all pilots, just want to express that the event will be pushed back a day, let me know if you are no longer able to attend.

Could I have dock E gate 56

Callsign: SIVA138


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Can i join if im not part of either VA?

Yes of course!

I would like a gate then!

Can i also check if the zulu time is correct? Because the converted time does not match

Yea, just fixed it, let me know if you are still able to attend :)