1000th Hour, 1000th Landing

Hello everyone! As of this morning, 07/27/2020, I have finally hit my 1000th flight hour, but not only that, I got my 1000th landing, unintentionally, in the same flight. I’ve collected some pictures and edited them up to celebrate, so enjoy. :)

Flight Details :

Aircraft : Boeing 777-200ER (Air France Livery)
Route : LFPG - ZGGG (Hub)
Flight Time : 10:23
Server : Expert

Beautiful sunset in Russia! ^

Cruising over the Russia/China border! ^

Beautiful sunrise, as well as the mountains near Chengdu, China! ^

And… touchdown at Guangzhou airport. Rare sighting of an American Airlines A320 in the back as well! 😂

I’d also like to take this moment to thank some of those that made my flights until this point, very enjoyable and fun! If you’re tagged, thank you for talking/chatting/flying with me, you mean a lot! - @JarrettFlies @JulietTango @Joseph.Barnett @anon41771314 @Suhas @TranX @yoshi_flyer @Oskapew


Excellent post Shane, amazing how many hours you’ve collected in the last 5 months. Hope we get to spend another 10,000 together :)

Oh and I guess the pictures are cool too 😂

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Thanks! I hope so as well. ;)

🤦‍♂️ 😂


HUGE Congrats Shane!!

That AA A320😂

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Hey man, congrats! I recently also hit 1k hours, it was really fun flying with you!


Thank you very much! 😊

Someone didn’t get the memo 😆


It was a ton of fun, and I hope we can have some more cool flights like yesterday in the near future! ;)


Totally!! We need more hurricanes I guess

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Amazing photo’s Shane! Happy I could join you along the way :)

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A dream come true

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Wow .

Amazing wonderful great awesome job! Congratulations on hitting such a huge milestone, in such a short amount of time also! I can’t wait to fly many more flights together, including some of my mediocre events…


Congrats, fellow Atlanta person.

Mediocre. You’re being modest! Shane and I both know how awesome your events are. Heck, at lest 3 of those 1000 hours were at your events 😂

Don’t worry about the AA 320, they just painted it in the wrong livery.

In all seriousness though, congrats!

Congrats Shane! I hit 3500 hours yesterday, I’ve had fun flying with you!

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Oh really nice pictures too lol

Love that first shot, truly amazing

Around 4-5, and they were all awesome!


Thank you! 😆


Well done, probably a big accomplishment :D

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