1000hrs on infinite flight

finally reached 1000hrs of flight experience on infinite flight…



Congratulations! But please refrain from creating a topic about it. I myself have over 2000 hours, but I didn’t make a topic about it. I’m not trying to be harsh, but if everyone made a topic when they reached it, the forum would become extremely crowded. Maybe next time post it in an already existing topic:

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Well done . Keep it going

Congrats, I just passed 530 hours in 4 months… That’s 3 weeks straight flying.

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i fly everyday lol

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Congratsss boi ,keep it up 🛩✈

Congrats 😉

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Same. I have 361 hours in the last 90 days lmao. I’ve definitely cut down on my long hauls since I moved IF to my phone from by laggy tablet, about a month ago.

Oh come on, it’s a big achievement! A post here and there isn’t a big deal.

And congrats on the 1000 hours @HappySpartanJay


Wow awesome 😎

thank you all for congratulating me!, i really appreciate everybody’s support!


Congrats! I am about halfway there currently at around i think like 520 hrs.

Congratulations! You should be Grade 5 soon! Once you reach grade 5, you’ll be one of the most experienced pilots in Infinite Flight. Keep up the work!

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