1000 Xp away from GRADE 3

Hi Fellow Experienced Pilots,
Been grinding on IF for months and I am finally close to GRADE 3.
I am excited but I’ve seen people talking about Grade 3 violations, especially the newbies.
Can yall drop some wisdom on how to avoid those violations and KEEP THE GRADE 3.


Don’t be stupid.

It’s really simple to not get violations. Follow instructions, keep your head on a swivel, be professional, and use your best judgment.


Ideally you can follow everything in the tutorial playlists: https://www.youtube.com/c/InfiniteFlight/playlists

Most importantly, be respectful, maybe give other players the way instead of rushing past them and listen to ATC and know what the different ATC commands mean.

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Check the user guide for help using the atc instructions



Welcome to the Infinite Flight community forum!

Regarding your question, I would highly recommend and encourage you giving yourself the opportunity to carefully read the Infinite Flight flying guide before flying again on the Expert Server. This is by far the best way to avoid receiving violations by ATC.

Introduction | Infinite Flight!

Have great day, and once again welcome to the Infinite Flight community 😁

  1. Obey speed limits
  2. Follow instructions
  3. Plan ahead
  4. Pace yourself (don’t rush a flight)
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Do not start a flight you might not have time for, it is super easy to start a flight and suddenly realise you might not have time to finish it. I would recommend always allowing ample time and making sure you can finish it, allow for an extra hour if it is long haul for winds. If you are already in the air, just see how it goes, but do not try and jump the queue or go against ATC orders just because you are on a time limit. In the event you run out of time. Just end the flight, it is upsetting but it is better than not being able to fly on expert. Hopefully will see you in the sky on expert with the Green above you in no time!


It’s pretty simple not to get any violations. Make sure to follow all ATC instructions to a tee. If they tell you do something do it, and perform their request as quickly and safely as possible.

I used to scared flying on the ES. But I learnt that you just need to take it slow, and practice. And if you have any questions, just come to the forms and ask. And do a quick search , as most likely the answer is already out there.

So have fun and enjoy !

And welcome to the community!
Glad to hear that you are ALMOST to the Expert Server!
Here are some tips!

1- Always Obey ATC (Trust Me they know what they are doing :)| They are the best! :D

Hope to see you with us on the Expert Server soon! I wish you the best of luck my friend!


Congratulations bro !

Hope to see you soon in the skies 🛫

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Congratulations on nearly reaching expert!

Like others have said, it’s really about following instructions, even if they don’t immediately make sense. All will become clear.
Also, remember to stay ahead of the airplane, pre-empt what’s going to happen next. Be proactive, not reactive!


The holy grail of ATC commands


Always remember that your arrival & approach can quickly change based off surface winds. Be ready to execute a go-around or missed-approach if something does not look right.

Expert server is not the place to force the airplane down onto the ground or push limits.

Apart from that, have fun. You will make mistakes, but it is all part of the learning experience. Listen & respond promptly to ATC, and if flying into busy uncontrolled airports, go with the traffic flow.

Good luck!


Thanks, Everyone!!! This thread really helped me out and I am a GRADE 3 Pilot now :)

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Congrats! 🥳

No one else has said this, but the reality is that the vast majority of the places you can fly around on the Expert Server are identical to the Training Server. Without ATC, the rules are the same, you only have to worry about level 1 violations, etc.

It’s only when you fly into airspace with active ATC that things get formal and you need to follow procedures. And it’s only ATC that can give level 2 or 3 violations.

So do like I did, fly anywhere else at much as you want, once you feel comfortable try flying to a controlled airport with the least traffic. Get comfortable with the procedures, and only fly into busier places when you feel confident about it.

Incredibly simple: Follow ATC Instructions. Take it slow, be sure to check out the Infinite Flight User Guide if you haven’t done so already, but above all, Follow ATC Instructions.

For more information regarding Violations, I’ve linked the official Infinite Flight Guide that walks you through it all:

Violations | Infinite Flight

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