1000 Landings!

Hello IFC! Today, I finally reached 1000 landings! Here are some photos of the flight.

Flight Information

Flight Time: 10:31
Expert Server

Boarding completed and doors closed.


Bye bye Lisboa! Tchau Portugal! See you later!

Breathtaking views over the Canaries!

The immensity of the Atlantic.

Land in sight! Views of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Northeast Brazil.

São Paulo from 36,000ft. 12 million people live down there!

Hello Porto Alegre! Final approach for runway 29.

50, 40, 30, 20, 10… 5…butter

Safely parked at Salgado Filho International Airport. A thousand landings reached, up for another 1000!


congrats on 1000 landings and porto alegre is always a lovely place to fly into

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Lovely pictures! Maybe I should try this one out! And congrats on 1,000 landings.

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