1000 hours

Alrighty, i am nearing the big 1000 hours, I have 7 hours left. What would be some fun or interesting routes within 7 hours i should fly? Thanks!


Make some thing in the sky like “1K” something like that.! Also don’t open unnecessary post :)


Hmmm. May I suggest drawing something?

Edit: @ThomasThePro you read my mind! 😂


I would do a short one hour flight and then fly American 1 from JFK-LAX which takes about 6-6:15 in an A321

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Thats a good idea. Thanks!

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My 1000 hour mark was the day before I got 200 days on the forums. That was 13 days ago, now picked up 150 more hours 😂.

The flight was from the IFATC schedule, and from my favourite airport and place in the world, whilst following Misha until Departure, was CYVR - KEWR. Not too shabby 🤷‍♂️

Congratulations though on your personal landmark! I know to many members here it doesn’t matter, but to me 1000 hours was a huge step and actually meant a lot to me, both for real world, and virtual purposes. 2 examples:

Virtual: Being able to meet members irl and talk about what I love with the knowledge on both sides.

Real world: Giving me the courage to start working on a PPL, and begin working as an engineer for a private air field.


haha nice :)


Congrats, 1000 hrs really is an amazing achievement. It takes great time and patience to get there, and many wish to be where you have set your wings right now.

I myself don’t remember when I got to 1000hrs, I think I noticed it first when I had little over 1500hrs which when I was given a random congrats by someone her on the forum., haha. That was over a year ago and since I have gone a far bit out, currently nearing 7000 hrs, so I hope to see you up there too, one day.

Keep Flying & Land Safely 🛫


Thank you! I renewed my subscription back in August after taking a break from IF and aviation and i had 400 ish hours. I can’t believe I got to 1000 this quickly :D


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