1000 Hours Flight Time&1000 Landings

Hello IFC,Since I join IF in 2016, Finally I reach my 1000th Landing and 1000 Hours flight time in the same flight. I also take some photos to celebrate I made a new record

Flight Details:

Aircraft : A350-900
Route : CYVR(26R)-ZSPD(17L)
Flight Time : 10:52
Server : Expert Server

Departing from Vancouver, On Runway 26R

Amazing Views of Alaska

Approaching Runway 17L at ZSPD

Ground Views at ZSPD(Runway17L)

Thanks for watching, if you like my photos please light up the little red heart below, So appreciated.Also I am a member of IFATC, Hope see you guys in Expert Server at futureπŸ˜„


That’s well timed, congratulations!

Nice pictures too, especially the first one shows the lines of the A350 very well. Thanks for sharing!


Congratulations πŸ‘

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AWESOME! Congratulations! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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Congratulations Eason :)

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Nice one Eason!

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Two milestones in one flight, that’s amazing! Huge congrats to you, @Eason_F! 1,000 landings is something to be proud of, and 1,000 flight hours is awesome too!

Well done, and great photos!

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Thank you guysπŸ₯°

Hahaha, I just recently hit 1000 flight hours and 1000 landings in the same flight too! What a coincidence, nice pictures!

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Hahaha, After I saw your topic I decide to create topic same as you(source of inspiration) to celebrate my 1000th landing and flight time 🀝

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