1000 Hour - Special Flight Celebration

Today, after 3 months I have achieved the milestone of 1000 hours in Infinite Flight Simulator… During these 3 months, I have explored the community which I was totally unaware of 3 months ago!! I came to know about the Virtual Airlines & the realism by which pilots flew. Soon, I decided to join @AirIndiaVirtual2 followed by @IndiGo_Virtual & @DubaiVirtual. I started off with long haul flights which made me acheive this milestone… Thanks to @anon2790671 & @Dip_Prajapati for those long haul flights at AIVA & 6EVA as well as @PocketRishi for amazing long haul community events!! Coming back to the present, I am currently the COO of @anon11738152, all thanks to @Henry for believing in me & giving me an opportunity to serve this amazing Virtual Airline.

Here is my special Friday Night Flight for successfully completing my 1000 hour milestone. I hope you enjoy & I wish to fly with more community members soon!!

Flight Report

✈️ Lufthansa / Boeing 747-8
✈️⌚: 10 - 11 hours approx

View of the Queen from the Terminal at EDDF

After Pushback, Engine Start

Rotating into the sky

Lufthansa & it’s Airport Hub

The view we pilots & passengers love to see while flying

Few moments before landing, while we get ready for arrival

The Magnificent Queen coming in for Landing

And there she touches down

The end to a wonderful flight & route at KDEN

Credits: @LuftyVirtual & all mentioned above.

Thank you so so much 🙏, much love ♥️ & cheers to more flights in Infinite Flight! 🥂


congrats! For 3 months you had to grind.

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Thank you 😊 @Josh_Smith

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Beatiful, but how u got 1.000 hours in that tiny time?

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Long haul flights all the time 😂😂 @Shafran

1000 hours Congratulations! And the photos are beautiful

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1000 hours!


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This is one of the best shots I have ever seen! Amazing job!


And what’s ur longest Long haul?

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Thank you so much!! Looking forward to fly with you soon… @Canadian_Aviator 😊

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Thank you ☺️ @FLIGHT2

It’s really pretty though!! Thanks 😊 @Zachary i have one request if you will… let me know

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My longest flight would be 2 flights i guess!! @Shafran

  1. OTHH - YSSY
  2. KSFO - VIDP

My longest named as Project Sunrise.
Qantas 787-9
FT: 19 hours ^^

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Noice!! I would love to do this flight soon… 😊😊

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If u want, u can PM me, and we are do this flight again ^^

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Sure @Shafran! Shall we do it after Monday?

okay! i will wait u!

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Yes would love to fly with you soon

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Yeah, what’s up?

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