1000 Flights on Infinite Flight

Hey there Infinite Flight Community! Just wanted to say how awesome it’s been to be apart of such a cool group of aviation enthusiasts over the years! (Yes I know that these stats are not earth shattering, but for me it’s a big milestone!)


I’ve been on this app from the very beginning approximately ~ approx 2014 or before the original 757 was released (it’s been a while xD).

I remember the days without global, when I used to fly circles around the Chicago region and come back to land on the same runway I took off from! This was when we used to purchase individual airplanes! Crazy how time flies, and how far the app has come! Proud owner of the 757 here :)

Anyways to my point, I realized that I had reached 1000 live flights on the app tonight!

So to celebrate the special occasion, I did a victory lap around CYWG in the F/A-18E Super Hornet! (See landing photo below)

Here is to another 1000 flights with Infinite Flight! :)



Great job on achieving this milestone!

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Buttering an F18 lol
Great job!!!

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Good job! I remember the good old days of buying planes, i remember buying the 330, 777 and 787. Congrats on making 1k online flights!

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