1000 Days - 3 1/2 Years IFC

My 1000 Days on the IFC


Thanks to all of you that have been here during this time. 1000 days was a long time ago, seems like decades almost. By no means am I a very experienced member here because there are very many that have been here to the start of day one. But I would just like to talk some time and reflect on the past 3 and a half years I have been a member here.

Ironically, I joined the forum because I got “ghosted” back when it was called a “ghost”. I tried getting it reversed, by I was very in the wrong haha. After that, I started to actually get to know the simulator because of the amount of the tutorials that are on here. I became a better pilot, and became more of a realistic flier too.

A bit after I started getting the hang of things on the expert server, I wanted to get more involved in the community. So, I wanted to join a VA. Since there were so many, it was quite hard to choose. But, since I had to go with my gut. I had to join Southwest’s VA here. And wow was that not a mistake. I met even more people through the VA and many of the events they had put together.

I was involved in a couple VAs for awhile, some being Alaska and United. But my time for Infinite Flight got smaller and smaller as summer of 2019 started to roll in. So, I took a pretty long break from flying in the sim, and the forum.

When 19.4 came out, I was amazed by the C172 in my free version of the aircraft. So, I got a 1 month sub for the C172, and a bit of the A350. Enjoyed that subscription for the month, but didn’t renew it. Since school was starting back again and I had no time to fly anymore.

Fast forward to when 20.1 came out, I bought another 1 month sub again. Wanted to use all of the new procedures, the 772, but most of all, I wanted to experience the new cockpit of the 737. The developers did an amazing job in this update. So amazing, that I actually renewed my sub for a full year. Ever since then, been very happy with the way the simulator is feeling more and more realistic. So, I can’t wait for another couple updates on my subscription.

If you’ve made it this far, congrats. If you’re a person that just skipped to the bottom, that’s fine too. Just wanted to say some thank yous to some of the users here that known me for the years I’ve been here.

@Luke_Sta @KPIT @Captain_JR @Daniel14 @Suhas @Dylan_M @Robertine @den.aviation
@MrMrMan @EthanT2 @BigBert10 @GlobalFlyer1 @Jack_M @Joseph_Spinner @Joseph_Krol @Jack_Q @Tsumia and many others.

Staff - Thank you for the hard work over the many years, been gifting you my money since I bought Infinite Flight
Moderators - Thanks for the hard work on the forum, making sure it’s in top shape.
IFATCs - Thanks for the hours spent controlling, keeping the skies safe.
VA Staff - Thanks for the dedication for making the VAs and keeping them running.

All in all, thank you to the community, thanks for keeping me here for as long as I have been. Hopefully it’s many more years to come. :D


Happy 1000 days! 😌


I’m also on final approach for 1000 days, congrats Joseph 🎉

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You are very welcome. I’ve certainly enjoyed talking to you all the times we have crossed paths and definitely glad we have crossed paths. Congratulations on 1k days it’s a milestone for better or worse 😂

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Little over 2.5 years has gone by, with the wind they have soared up above and past us in a blink of an eye, and we move every day forward, even till this day. I do feel a quite nostalgic, looking back at that time in late 2017, early 2018, when there used to be so many people I just got to meet here on IFC, those whom I’ve known for the longest, where some still are with us today, other’s moved on with life on a different way (path). One of those many amazing people back then was you Joseph and till this day, I do not regret joining this community for the people I have gotten to speak to here, has been a key part of my life.

Let’s hope another 1000 days will go by, with us all, here on this forum, together, no matter the good and less good times we may encounter. I’m happy to be mentioned in the post, I’m thankful for you being here with us, it’s been a good 1000 days gone by :)


Joseph! My man!
I can’t believe it has been two years since we first met here on the forum. We’ve flown dozens upon dozens of flights together, and it never gets boring. If you ever want to fly again, just shoot me a message.
You’ve been a great friend for the past two years, and hopefully many more to come!
I still have around 150 days here until I reach 1000 as well, so keep an eye out for that.

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Happy 1000 days! Glad I could help :)

Always here is you have any needs 😂

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Has it already been a thousand days 😳

Congrats Joseph! DM me anytime you want to fly again!

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I can’t like your post yet due to the ridiculous amount of posts I’ve been liking this morning, but I can assure you that once my three hour cool down period is over I will.

Friendships are super important, so I’m very glad to be a part of your journey on the community.

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No way it’s been 1,000 days. I’m very glad that we developed a friendship awhile ago on the community. Sadly we havent been in touch recently, but I still remember you very well.

Here’s to 1,000 more! 🥂

I’m out of likes too. I’ve been spamming this morning, lol. The second my limit is up I will like your post 😂

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Congrats on 1000 Days!

Cheers to 1000 more!



Thanks so much for being part of this community!


As I can not say the same as you. Im glad I see the loyalty in this sim and many people like you see make it better day by day. As for me i’ve past my 150th day here and I cant wait for whats to come in Infinite Flight.

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Heyho. Glad to see you have achieved 1000 days. Thanks for helping to fly during my opening of tracking threads ;) hope to see you real soon in IFATC if you are applying :)

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Anthony! Yes, hopefully soon I will apply again!

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Congrats my man ! Very happy for you !

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Congrats but I got to say I have been playing IF for about 2,561 days

Congratulations mate, that’s some serious dedication that can be admired!

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