100 Years Of QANTAS/ Dash 8 Q-400

Happy 100th birthday Qantas! did a group flight with the QantasLink Dash 8- Q400 from YBBN to YLRE then back to YBBN. A big thank you to @QantasVirtualGroup for arranging this wonderful event! And to everyone else who joined.

Server- Expert
Total flight time- 3hrs 30mins
Aircraft- Dash 8 Q-400
Cruising altitude- FL200

  1. all together at YBBN preparing for departure

  1. Takeoff!

  1. Approach into YLRE

  1. Celebrating at YLRE !

  1. Departing out of YLRE bound for YBBN

  1. Approach for YBBN

  1. Parked in YBBN

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Awesome photos!! Thank you for sharing!! Just amazing!!


Very nice shots

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Thank you 😄

Thank you so much!

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Nice shots!

but the poll is wrong

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thank you! i just changed the poll, it was my first time using it.

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f for me I could not join :( but good pics

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Love the pictures, well done! Keep it up. :)

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Thank you :)

Thank you so much :D