100 Years of Boeing @ KSEA - 130230ZJUL16

Server: *ATC Advaced

Region: Seattle

Airport: *KSEA

Time: *0230Z 6:30 PST 9:30 EST

NOTAM: Come one, come all to Seattle, the Birthplace of Boeing, to celebrate 100 Years of Boeing! Starts 3 hours from now! Hope you are able to make it.

*** Remeber the speed restrictions on the advanced server. Also, please follow ATC instructions!

See you there!

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You might wanted to create this event 2 weeks before…

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Why 2 weeks?

So people can read the event and make up their mind if there gonna attend

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But they can do that now…

He can create an event whenever he wants:)


@Carson is that true? How can I fix it then?

I show you;)

@Nicholas_L, next time, since you’re a regular, you should fix it, instead of calling attention to it.


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