100% Scenery Coverage on Global

Was just wondering if anyone has any idea when we will see 100% scenery coverage on global? I am itching to do more flights to and within South America and the rest of Africa that is not already covered. Hope this sort of topic is allowed, delete if it isn’t! Thanks.

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FDS knows that they have many customers down in South America and Africa as well as the other Non-HD areas. They are working as hard as they can to get it to us ASAP!


I beleive FDS are planning or will be planning on adding it soon however there is no official date for when they will release the whole world in the same imagery and I think it will take a lot of work and effort to get it all done.

@Balloonchaser are you trying to get your post flagged?

They would like to add it. Yes. No clue or hints on when so any other comments is pure speculation. I wish there was more information but there’s not.


@Chris_S… MaxSez: Everything about “They” here on this Forum is just speculation unless it posted by “Them”. The enthusiastic plethora of speculating members is just a showing of a bit of puppy love to the power that be, you included. We all like to show our support in many different ways… The comments here will be below the line and forgotten before you know it.