100% Off My Written IFATC Exam!

I’m so happy to say that I passed the Written this second time with 100% as a score! I’m super hyped and hope I make it to IFATC! Thanks to everyone for the support honestly! Couldn’t have done it without all the people that kept coming by for patterns and fly outs!

I really love this community! It makes me feel like I have people who are always there to listen and help out with any problems I have! Hope y’all stayin safe!


Congrats thats a huge achievement towards getting into IFATC. Hope to see you soon! Stay hyped!!!


Congratulations mate!! All the very best for your practical exam;) Hope to see you soon on the other side😁😉


Don’t flex too hard! Your muscles will explode! 😂😂😂

Anyways, great job!


Congrats! Hopefully we see you in IFATC soon! Your going to love it! 😉

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Congrats! Even tho I am not IFATC, hope to see you controlling soon after you pass the practical!

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Thanks so much! Hoping the same!

Thank you so much! I bet I will!

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Haha dont worry about it! Thanks so much!

Hope to see you too! Thanks

Thanks so much Thomas! I appreciate it

Awsome to hear! Now get prepared for your practical!

I have some tips in my thread below, so you can get more than prepared. Hope this helps you :)

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Congratulations mate! Truly well done - now its just the practical to go…

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