100 Attending! | Partnered with Delta Virtual and Southwest Virtual | Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Flyout @ KATL - 181900ZMAY19


This will be the first event I attend! Can I get gate T3?


Your signed up, see you there!


Can I get gate F1 please!


Yes you can, see you there!


This will be my first one. Could I please have gate A05 and I will be a Delta A321 using callsign DL2181 From KATL to KBOS


@Brad_Hoffman I have looked at my schedule and due to having school on that Monday I will have school so I won’t be able to make it sorry


I’ll take this gate/airframe/route please.

I was looking for a flight to RDU (a DL focus city) or GSO (my home airport), but couldn’t find either in the above :(


May 18 is a Saturday


Where and How can we do a Gate Request?


E2 Please to KLAX


I can open a gate up to Raleigh if you would like


Your signed up, see you there!
@andrewbeatson your signed up, see you there!


@Mark_Eatman I put you at T6 in a Delta 737-800 to KRDU. Please tell me if you want any of that changed


@Brad_HoffmanI was unaware my bad I guess just keep me on there sorry for the late reply and me not using common sense lul


Wow this event is popular! I think we can fill the airport!


Delta to CVG


Ok, your at E30 in a Delta 717. See you there!


I know right. 38 people as of now. My goal was to get at least 50 but with how many people are joining…, who knows!


Sign up!


Did we have to depart exactly on time or is a later departure ok?