100 Attending! | Partnered with Delta Virtual and Southwest Virtual | Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Flyout @ KATL - 181900ZMAY19


Ok thank you


Or actually I think I’d rather go to EDDF. Sorry to ask


Sure, I put you at F3 in a Lufthansa A340


Hi can I join please I will take gate C12 please thank you


Your in, see you there!


Why must you do this on a Monday while I’m still in school 😭
This is my home airport, so I wish I could attend, but as I said above, I’ll be in school


May 18 is a Saturday:)


May 18th, I thought that said March 18th. Forgive me, I’ve been up for 30 minutes


It’s fine, would you still like to attend?


Yes, I will take a 738 to anywhere, just let me know


Do you have a preferred airline?


Southwest if you don’t mind


Sure thing


Ok your at C6 to KPHX, see you there!


Sign up!


A15 or E4 please


Can i get gate E17


@Matthew_20204 your signed up
@Capt_Ced I put you at A15
See you guys there!


Terminal T Gate 9 plz


Your signed up, see you there!