100 Attending! | Partnered with Delta Virtual and Southwest Virtual | Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Flyout @ KATL - 181900ZMAY19


I’ll be spirit 1146


You both are signed up, see you there!


C14 please! Representing Southwest virtual.


Your added, see you there!


Can I take gate C4? With southwest virtual as well


Sure thing, your signed up!


I will take a Southwest gate to Oakland ! Representing Southwest Virtual with the callsign SWA32!

See you there!


Ok your at C13 in a 737-800, see you there!


I’ll take C7 to LAX


Your added, see you there!


Wow over 20 people already, thanks everyone!


Unable to represent Her Majesty by flying to London Gatwick. So is it possible I could fly as Air Canada express CRJ-900 to Toronto Pearson from Terminal F?


I’m sorry but I would really like to keep this event realistic. Air Canada only flies a E175 for KATL-CYYZ. If that doesn’t work I can give you a Delta CRJ-900.


Can I get a flight to San Jose, please?

I will be representing @Delta_Virtual with callsign DLVA100


Sorry, didn’t realise that, however I would be content with a Embraer and would be willing.


Great, thank you for being flexible


No problem


Your at A26. Is a 737-900 good?


Yes, a Boeing 737-900 is perfect! :D

It’s the only airplane that operates ATL-SJC XD


Yeah I know, I’m just making sure your okay with that