100 Attending! | Partnered with Delta Virtual and Southwest Virtual | Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Flyout @ KATL - 181900ZMAY19


@joshua_morrissette your at C55
@Captain_Finck your signed up!
@Dylan_M you’ve been changed

Thank you all for over 70 people!


Hey. Ill take D24. Thanks!


Hello I’d like to take gate E11 to RJAA


@Matevz_Treven and @simopoint you guys are both signed up, see you there!


Hey everyone. Thanks all who signed up. @Gabe_Z has an event the same day for a birthday present. If you want to join this event and fly down to KATL you can. Flight time is about 2.5 hours


Can I have D3 Alaska airlines to Seattle


Your signed up, see you there!


Can I get T5 please? I will be flying from KMSP to KATL to KMSP.


Yep, see you there!


I’ll take gate T10


Your signed up!


I will take C9!


Thank you, your signed up!


Can I change my destination to Denver? Thanks.


T12 please.


@Luke_Sta you have been changed, do you still want the 737-700?
@Tajay_White your signed up, see you there!


I’ll take gate C13 B738 to KOAK


Hi, I would like to take A2 - Delta 737-900 to KJAX please. :)


Can I have a gate change to Terminal T gate T7


@HerrMrSir you two are signed up!
@Parth3315 you have been switched