10 Years since Miracle on the Hudson

10 years ago today, January 15th 2009, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger made an emergency landing on the Hudson River in New York after US Airlines flight 1549 lost both engines thrust after a bird strike at 2,800ft soon after departing from LaGuardia Airport, NY. Sully served 30 years as a pilot and was previously a pilot for the US Air force. On this day 10 years ago this amazing pilot landed an Airbus A320 on the Hudson River which secures a place in many of our hearts and secures a place in aviation history. All 155 passengers astonishingly survived this rare event, and to this day it holds the lowest altitude to lose engine thrust. Seven years later the world renowned film “Sully” which received several awards was produced, giving the public several views of the incident including how Chesley felt after the crash, and also shows how a pilot basically destroyed the FAA in an investigation meeting, when he asked “I’d like to know how many times the pilot practiced that menauvre before he actually pulled it off.” (unrealistic bank angle to LaGuardia) and as it turns out, the pilots had 17 practice tries. (For the simulated landing at Teteburo)

And of course, a rather funny comment from the Co Pilot, First Officer Jeffrey B Skiles:

“First Officer Skiles, what would you have done differently?”

“I would have done it in July”

Crew on board of Flight 1549

Restored Flight 1549


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It’s a truly amazing story, and you’ve told it very well, but unfortunately this is a duplicate topic.

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It’s alright. Lets just be happy that no human life was loss that day.