10 years of playing IF!

Hey IFC!

Yes! I’ve been playing infinite flight for 10 years now 😀

After I got into aviation, this was the first flight sim I downloaded, and that was during mid-july 2012, I somehow remember that since I got my first device at that time haha.

I always felt good playing this game, now I just love it. Love how this game has come so far, not many people know me since I made my IFC account in 2020 iirc and wasn’t in many servers in discord related to IF but hey I’ve always been there.

I bought IF sub for the first time in 2017, then 2019 and have been regular since 2021. I’ve met many good people from the community, through discord and other platforms. I’ve made many good friends too. This community has given me many things. I’ve always loved to be a part of it and always will be a part of it.

That’s it folks
Have a great day!




Well done, 10 years is a lot indeed. It was an interesting story to read

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