10 Years Of Infinite Flight Celebration Spotting!

Infinite Flight Turns 10 Today!

To celebrate I decided to spawn in at KSFO and start som virtual plane spotting!

This was done on expert server and the airport was KSFO

Let’s get into the photos!

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900XWB coming in for Landing from Changi International Airport in Singapore!

@Kedz coming in for landing in the classy and prestigious Infinite Flight Boeing 757-200

An American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER departing KSFO for New York JFK.

Delta Airlines little bus slowing down after a flint from Atlanta Georgia!

A Boeing 777-31H or Turkish Airlines departing to Istanbul International Airport or LTFM!

Here we have Infinite flight One or known on the IFC and elsewhere as Laura who is the CEO and Co-founder of this amazing game.

United Airlines sent down their new clean bird from Laos Angeles.

Airbus sending their new A350-900XWB for some testing in SFO!

Fly Emirates Fly Better here we have A6-EPH on her way to Dubai International Airport from San Francisco.

And lastly we have a Alaskan Airlines Boeing 737-900 more to love livery coming in from Denver!

Those are all of them! I enjoyed my spotting at SFO spotting some aircraft from very different places!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these and I hope you have a fantastic week coming up.

Also remember

Infinite Flight is 10!


Great shots! I think that United B737-8 exiting the runway with spoilers is me in the 3rd photo.

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Excellent photos, taking advantage of the hustle and bustle i see:)

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Oh nice! Also thanks!

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3, 4 and 7 are n y o o m

Impressive work!

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Yep totally lol thanks!

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Thank you!

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Amazing shots!

Here are my shots for celebrating this special day!

Any team KNUC members here prior the global release 🤣 the water texture was breathtaking in those days

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