10 Years of Flight - a not-so-short film by nativetomissouri

not the part you came for

So, it’s been, what, 10 years already? Time sure does fly… and so does the aircraft you’re about to see in this film I’ve put together.

But, what is this film exactly?

Well, in all technicality it’s a montage of a bunch of aircraft in Infinite Flight, the most refined and timeless mobile flight sim out there. The idea was to showcase Infinite Flight’s beauty and progression throughout the past 10 years, and of course I just wanted to contribute something to celebrate.

the part you came for

So, without further ado or whatever, I present to you all 10 Years of Flight.


What route? There is no route.


Solo; unlike @Alexander_Nikitin I don’t have internet strangers to help film stuff.


About 4 hours worth of capturing footage and editing, spread over two weeks because school and personal lives exist

oh, and why did i post this now even though the sim’s tenth anniversary is still a day away? because i can, that’s why


Wow! This is incredible!!!

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Amazing @nativetoorlando!!! Really great job, I love it!

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Great job @nativetocongo! First @Alexander_Nikitin then you! Boy is the IFC lucky! 🥵😌

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Very cool @nativetooklahoma!

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Has nice swag @nativetoiceland

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This was s w a g

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Amazing job #nativetomississippi!

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