10 Years of Emirates A380

(Video Credit: Emirates)

Whether you’re a fan of the A380 or not, these numbers are pretty impressive. With over 100 examples in their fleet, Emirates has earned their position atop the super-jumbo community.


And alot more to come!
Amazing airline Emirates is.

Sadly as they have so many A380s mpst of them are sat on the ground not flying…due to a number of reasons:

1.Too large for most airports
2. Cost to run these birds (not that Emirates have no money😂)
3. Not all the routes are needed for a large number of passengers, using a large aircraft for a short route will half the plane full…pointless!

I think when the time comes…their new 787-10s that have been ordered will sadly take the spots of these such humongous A380s.

So while Emirates are celebrating, they are probably gonna start saying goodbye soon🤧😭😭


Time flys right? Seemed like the other day when the A380 just started going crazy.
A380 is pretty much done to me unfortunately.
Pretty remarkable Emirates maintained so many A380s for 10 years with the fact that it’s a very expensive bird to operate


Wow, it’s gonna be a tough one saying goodbye to these beasts! I see these ALL the time at LAX. I hope they stick around for a little longer though for sure!!

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