10 ten character responses for when you run out of likes

Recently I have been running out of likes VERY frequently and its probably the worst situation I have ever found myself in LOL.

Below are 10 easy phrases you can use to chime in when a like would be more appropriate but it isn’t an option.

  1. Absolutely
  2. Affirmative
  3. Thats right
  4. Very much so
  5. Thats cool
  6. Predictable
  7. Yes please
  8. I think not
  9. That’s wrong
  10. Incorrect sir

Shoutout to @Tomjuul1996 for the inspiration to do this when he also had the same predicament

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Im frustrated cause I still accidentally tried to like your response

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Maybe instead of liking every comment you see, you could like those that have a positive impact on the conversation that you’re having, but if you are still running out of likes doing that, I would assume that you’re just incredibly active on the forum.

After all, you have 50 likes to use in a day, I personally think that’s a lot already; I rarely go past 10 likes per day just looking at my numbers in the last year.


must be nice, I tend to use my likes in personal conversations as a read receipt however… so they go away very fast. I dont see the purpose of even limiting the number of likes a member can give out.

I would like this comment if I could I never knew you could do that!

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Generally I manage not to use my likes up at all nowadays - Mostly because I have no group PMs in the IFC anymore.

I generally only give likes out when I either like something (duh moment), or to acknowledge that I’ve read a comment towards me. If you’re liking everything I’d suggest viewing what you’re liking and either 1. Move chats out of the IFC, and 2. Try to like more useful or important content.

I used to run out of likes every day, nothing was worse than ‘you’ve ran out of likes’


thats sick

The point of having likes is not to use them as read receipts, at least not for me. I use it only on posts that have a positive contribution, or something that aligns with my opinions, and being honest, that’s how I think likes should be used.

Obviously, each user can do what they want with their likes, and I’m not going to stop them, but placing a limit does go a long way to try to keep the community looking for ways to positively engage rather than something that could be viewed as unproductive.

Moving away from the IFC, there are plenty of platforms that allows for general conversations to happen, think of Discord and Slack, for example. Definitely helps to allow you to like comments that you see, and have a more free flowing conversation without the limitations that Discourse has.


This I absolutely agree with

Let me guess you’ve run out of likes? :p

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I like this sentence in particular

I’m confused (and hate to be a party pooper), but if I’m correct you make a topic explaining how you’re running out of likes and instead the simple solution of trying to acknowledge to use less of them you request for a whole new plethora of phrases? People can be interesting sometimes… Or that’s just me lol 🤷‍♂️

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haha @Ecoops123 its a very round about way of doing it, but I feel that for my purposes it works :)

The purpose of the like feature is to avoid these vague responses you included as your solution, so these really go against what likes are for. Likes are not only to show agreement, but to also keep topics clean as a simple “that’s cool” doesn’t really provide anything worthy to most conversations and topics.

Likes also tend to hold more value when they are used sparingly. If you like every comment you see, it doesn’t have any value anymore. It can be compared to currency; the more that is produced, the less value a dollar, or any currency value, has. If you limit the posts that you like to the main ones you agree with, your likes will carry more weight

Also, don’t do this. There’s a 10 character limit for a reason. Bypassing this limit will result in your replies getting flagged as spam, which could lead to disciplinary action.