10 Tanker Water Drop Weight Change

Recently, FDS pushed the highly anticipated MD-11/DC-10 update, and it’s incredible. The aircraft are stunning and full of detail, the devs went so far as to add Aerial Refueling, we have improved formation flying – the list goes on and on.

One of my favorite aircraft out of the new additions is the 10 Tanker Air Carrier. It’s a converted DC-10 (listed under DC-10F in IF) that is used to drop 11,600 gallons of water or fire retardant onto or in front of active fires. Each payload this aircraft carries with it can range from about 100,000 to 110,000 pounds, depending on what it’s carrying.

One of the features that comes with this aircraft is the ability to open and close the water doors on the bottom of the aircraft. Currently, this does not affect the flight characteristics of the airplane. No weight loss is reflected, despite the water being 1/4 of the aircraft’s total weight at takeoff.

I’m requesting that the water drop be reflected in the weight and balance of the aircraft. Another weight and balance category should be added to reflect the weight of the water. Once the water doors are opened, the weight of the water decreases to 0 at a constant rate over about 8 seconds. This will simulate the water actually being dropped from the aircraft.

Yes, this is a small feature request. But it will increase the realism of one of the coolest aircraft in this sim. And besides, I had to make this feature request. I’m tomthetank.

Yes, you are tomthetank


Would be nice to see in IF one day :)


It’s small, but it would be a nice touch for this aircraft!


I hope they could do the same with the Q400 Securive Civil or whatever as well!


@tomthetank MaxSez: You got me going here Tom. Reading your Topic I concluded the DC-10 Water Tanker version was in the update considering all the specifics included. Checked IF, no joy. Your context sent me on a false trail. at this point I’m still Fam’ing the Gas Tanker. Context is every thing. No Vote for you! (Say what you mean, Mean what you say)

@maxmustang either I misunderstood you, or you made a peanut move! You’ll find the DC-10 Water Tanker as the first on the list of DC-10Fs in the sim!

Your type of flying Max: Low and slow!

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@tomthetank. MaxSez: 1000 Gomen’s (regrets) Tom. I admit it I’m a Peanut on this one. I am not infallible, only excuse, I had a wake me up Bloody Mary with a hvy pore. Oh My, I going to my room to sulk!
Warm Regards Cyber Ponyo…


@tomthetank. MaxSez:… Here’s the villain in this revolting development, , it’s the 10F, contex is eveverything…LOL… Excuses, Excuses everyone got one… There like ### ####'s. LOL

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Understandable, I’ve edited the original post to specify that it’s a DC-10F

Very good thought Tom, if this is the case i guess it would need to be the same with in air refueling. i have only had a chance to read about the new aircraft but have not had the opportunity to fly them yet.

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Does the game actually render the water dropping?

They’re really nice, give them a try!

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Not at this point, to do so would likely be a lot of rendering and slow down/lag the game. This request is centered around the weight and balance of the aircraft and its effect on flight characteristics.

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Ohhhhh, okay. Thanks for clarifying.

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