10 Tanker Taxing at KIWA (New Livery)

Hey everyone! I was lucky enough to have spotted one of the 10 Tankers taxing at KIWA (Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport) close up. The tail number is N612AX. I hope that you guys enjoy! :)


Awesome, did most of my flight training out of there and got to watch 2 seasons of them working. Such a cool plane to see, looks like it’s in slow motion when taking off. A couple summers ago they were fighting fires just to the east behind the superstitions, and we could see almost their whole flight path, they’d takeoff and be calling up to land again less than 20 minutes later.

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Its awesome seeing all the tankers we have out here at Mesa Gateway. They have two DC-10s based there right now and I have also seen the Erickson md-80

Yeah I remember the Erickson as well, I actually met one of the pilots hanging out at factory direct models (you’ve got to check that place out if you haven’t been, its right be the restaurant). Old guy wearing a ball cap and a Hawaiian shirt, it was pretty funny.

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That’s so awesome! I never knew that place existed! I will have to check it out! :)

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