10 Tanker Callsign

Anyone know where 10 tanker air carrier (DC10F Fire Plane) is in the callsign list? I’ve looked through it a couple times but I can’t find it.

T910, T911, T912 and T914


Thanks but I meant if there’s one in the airline callsign list not just putting it in General aviation

Sorry there isnt one on Infinite Flight


Also if they fight in Australia they use the callsign bomber


Oh thanks also didn’t know that it’s used in Australia.

@b_bybackribs MaxSez: ; The Rotor Head @anon93248082 is correct from experience. Your ansewer was available on the Web by a simple search .
Just enter “10Tanker or 10 Tanker Air Carrier” into your friend Google. Try a search next time rather than a Topic. It’s the correct and smart option. Regards


No I was asking if the callsign was on the airline list because I couldn’t find it

You’re good my friend. If you can’t find a callsign in the list feel free to always ask I think Max just completely misunderstood your question that’s all.

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