10 Photos from 10 Flights of May 2021


Here are 10 photos of 10 different flights out of 22 flights that I did this last month.

List of Routes Completed

Aircraft and Airline: Boeing 737-900 | Turkish Airlines
Route: Gaziantep (Oğuzeli) - Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg (EuroAirport) (LTAJ - LFSB)
Flight Time: 4h and 1 minute
Description: Climbing from Gaziantep near Kahramanmaraş. I believe it is amount Berit in the background but I’m not sure

Aircraft and Airline: Airbus A319-100 | Air China
Route: Chongqing (Jiangbei) - Lhasa (Gonggar) (ZUCK - ZULS)
Flight Time: 2h and 22 minutes
Description: Cruising over the Tibetan Plateau

Aircraft and Airline: Boeing 787-8 | Aeroméxico
Route: São Paulo (Guarulhos) - Mexico City (SBGR - MMMX)
Flight Time: 8h and 56 minutes
Description: Over Guatemala with part Guatemalan Highlands in view about 124km (77 miles) from Guatemala City

Aircraft and Airline: Airbus A320-200 | Vueling Airlines
Route: Santiago (Rosalía de Castro) - Málaga (LEST - LEMG)
Flight Time: 1h and 26 minutes
Description: Over the Baetic System as we are intercepting ILS RWY13 at Málaga airport

Aircraft and Airline: Boeing 737-800 | Ryanair
Route: Brno (Tuřany) - Milan (Bergamo/Orio al Serio) (LKTB - LIME)
Flight Time: 1h and 15 minutes
Description: Departing and Climbing from Runway 27 at Brno-Tuřany Airport

Aircraft and Airline: Boeing 737-800 | Southwest Airlines
Route: Honolulu - Lihue (PHNL - PHLI)
Flight Time: 23 minutes
Description: Departing from RWY08L at Daniel K. Inouye Airport with an Island Air Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 taxiing in the background

Aircraft and Airline: McDonnell Douglas MD-11 | Alitalia
Route: Rome (Fiumicino) - Hong Kong (Kai Tak) (LIRF - VHHX/VHXX)
Flight Time: 10h and 51 minutes
Description: Cruising over the Tian Shan between Kyrgyzstan and China

Aircraft and Airline: Boeing 747-400 | British Airways
Route: London (Heathrow) - Cape Town (EGLL - FACT)
Flight Time: 11h and 06 minutes
Description: Tail view flying over Namibia in the night

Aircraft and Airline: Airbus A320-200 | United Airlines
Route: Billings - Denver (KBIL - KDEN)
Flight Time: 1h and 08 minutes
Description: Ground shot after departing Billings Logan Airport

Aircraft and Airline: Boeing 787-9 | WestJet Airlines
Route: Calgary - London (Gatwick) (CYYC - EGKK)
Flight Time: 8h and 11 minutes
Description: Wing shot as we are cruising over the Hudson Bay in Canada with a lovely sunrise


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