10 Photos, 10 Aircraft

Hello, decided to take 10 of my flights and share them with y'all
Main Details

Flight Time: At least 1 hour
Server: Training/Expert
Aircraft: Variety
Route: Variety

Let’s get started!

United E170 | SAN-LAX

FedEx C208 | IPL-SAN

Philippines A359 | MNL-JFK

Singapore A359 | SIN-EWR

United CRJ2 | SFO-BOI

Saudia A319 | HAS-JED

Philippines Q400 | PPS-MNL

(another) Philippines Q400 | TAC-CEB

Air Astana B752 | NQZ-CDG

Last but not least,

Air India B77W | DEL-SFO

e n j o y


That last one hits hard! Also love the SIN-EWR one, great job!

felix approves

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Hawt photos Rolls!

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Nice photos!

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