10 minutes of advanced ground ATC during the FNF.

During the latest FNF, I spent a good three hours working ground on advanced. I recorded about 10 minutes of my session and added some notes. My goal was to show what advanced ATC goes through as well as point some items out for both pilots and potential ATC members.

I am not a trainer, scout, moderator, or even a perfect controller. I just wanted to show a peek behind the curtain of advanced ATC.

Thank you and enjoy.


What was with your airport textures? Was it because you were using the computer. Good video though.


What do you mean? I was using the tower view so not sure. Is something missing?

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What device were you using? Very nice controlling by the way!

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What device were you using. There was a pointer on the screen

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Pointer = computer of course


But how? That’s the question.

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Obviously a computer.


I use Andy Android emulator. Works well with Windows 10.


What he said ^^^

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Thank you for this crucial look! I appreciate what you have done to open the eyes of our community and fully appreciate the IFATC


There is usually grass between the runway and main taxiway.

Thanks for this little snippet, it really highlights the level of decision making required when you’re shuffling a lot of traffic around.

Thanks Riley, never really noticed before. Must be because I was using it on a computer. Even a second emulator I tried has it look like all concrete. I will see if I can find out why. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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