10 Minutes at London City

Staff? Posting a spotting topic? Crazy right?

Hey guys!

There are many reasons we all get into flight simulation, but one thing we can all agree on is our love of aviation. I myself go spotting on occasion, although not nearly as much as I used to as a teenager. It is always amazing to see aircraft nonetheless, I just tend to fly on them more than I go spotting!

For those who don’t know, I live in England. We are lucky to have some of the most amazing aircraft flying into some of the most amazing airports here, so I thought I would share a few photos from London City I took a few days ago for those of you who cannot be in the UK to see them! I did not have any intention of going spotting, but I was there and, well, who can resist right?

P.S, I don’t bother to edit any of my photos!

Lufthansa Cityline E190. The aircraft took off in mere seconds. Full thrust and a light load has that effect. Every time you see a takeoff at City, the verticle speed of the aircraft departing is truly amazing!

Luxair Dash 8 Q400. Possibly my favourite aircraft! The sound this thing makes is so cool.

Lufthansa E190. There is a service road going alongside the runway at City. I have always thought the cars and aircraft seem to get very, very close!

Alitalia E190 from Milan. Those are some brave rowers!

Lufthansa E190. The semi-famous British sugar factory can be seen in the background. London City really doesn’t have the feel of a normal airport!


Great pics! Didn’t know Lufthansa flies to LCY, where was it heading?

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I believe that one was heading to Frankfurt!


Wow,quite amazing photos in just 10 minutes! What camera did you use?

Canon 760D. I was lazy and just had it on auto though 😉


Is that a construction storage yard or is there a new building going up soon in the background?

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Did you see a SWISS Airbus A220?

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Can you imagine the kind of views you’d get from that road? Never mind using zoom on a camera… The plane gets that close you’d probably have to zoom out!


Not sure actually. Should look that up

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Not this time. I have seen it before though (:


Cool! It is quite unique at EGLC.

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There are some lovely timelapse videos on you tube at London City. Well worth a watch and the steep approach is a marvel.

Great photos! Also, @Levet @MishaCamp I’m pretty sure that construction is related to the expansion that City is undergoing (adding a full parallel taxiway and extra aircraft stands).

Here you go!

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Don’t tell that to Jason…

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Wow, didnt know lufthansa had E190 😱


Or the sound it is not supposed to make! You probably know this but the “Q” stands for “Quiet” as Bombardier tried to make the Q400 quieter than its earlier counterparts. Great shots btw, LCY is somewhere I would like to spot at because of all the buildings around. You can definitely get some good vantage points from on top of them!

Lufthansa CityLine operates Frankfurt-London City on a daily basis with their ERJ 190 because of its steep approach capabilities. From Munich they only operate to London Heathrow.

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They have both the E190 and E195, the E190 for routes to airports with steep approaches, the E195 on low demand routes or in addition to their daily service with other aircraft. Air Dolomiti, a Lufthansa subsidiary, also operates the E190 and E195 in their own livery.

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Wauw, didnt know

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