10 hours in a 737!

So today I flew KRDM-LFMN in a 737 BBJ while I was at school, I got 10 hours of flight time in a 737!! There were some great views and I had a 140 kt tail wind at the start!

Over my grandma and grandads house!⬆️⬆️

Thanks for looking at my pics!


Awesome mate! That’s longggg tho for a 737 I think lol. Good one!

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Thank you!

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@OregonAviaton here are the pics I took

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Can anyone guess where I took the 3rd photo?

In the Appalachian mountains or Canada?


hint: it’s in Europe

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I flew a Southwest 738 from EGKK to KMDW once, eight hours.

Maybe over Great Britain or France?

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great britain 👍

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How many passengers were aboard, how much cargo, and how much fuel? Did it exceed MTOW? Thanks :)

I was very light for the flight, 12 passengers, 100 lbs of cargo and 11 hours of fuel

Wow you just joined an hour ago! Welcome!

:D thanks Oregon!

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Looks like the Blackpool area to me? And that airport definitely looks like BLK.

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yessir nice job!

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