10 hour flights with the a350

I have trouble with this plz help me find one.

Hey there!

WSSS (Singapore) - FAOR (Johannesburg) in a Singapore Airlines A350 is 10:20.

EGLL (London) - RJSI (Seoul) is 10:10 in an Asiana A350

RJBB (Osaka) - EFHK (Helsinki) is 10:00 in a Finnair A350

VVNB (Hanoi) - UUEE (Moscow) is 9:50 in a Vietnam Airlines A350

EDDM (Munich) - KDEN (Denver) is 10:15 in a Lufthansa A350

Edit: Here’s a list of every A350 flight at the moment.

Hope these help, and safe travels!

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It’s more like 11, but I’m flying Philly to Doha right now

Thanks a lot guys will do some

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