10 hour flight

Hi guys, today I want to flight long haul with flight time 10 hour

So, Can you guys give me a 10 hour flight suggestion?


I love to fly Johannesburg to Heathrow but it is 10:30h to 11h


I would check out [New/Updated Routes] Suggested Routes | 2020.
It has great routes and also the flight times.
My personal favorite is KLAX-EGLL British Airways 787-9. That is around a 11 hour flight.


Milan Malpensa - Malè
Airbus A330 (Any plane you want)
Approx 9.30/10 hours

Its an Alitalia route! If you wanna try something different 😁👍🏻


Here’s a collection of routes that are roughly 10 hours. Some of these may overlap as the same routes can be flown by multiple airlines. Hope this helps!

British Airways
  • BA 88/9 Beijing (ZBAD) - London Heathrow (EGLL) - B787-9
  • BA 272/3 San Diego (KSAN) - London Heathrow (EGLL) - B777-200ER// B777-300ER// B747-4
  • BA 288/9 Phoenix Sky (KPHX) - London Heathrow (EGLL) - B787-9// B747-4
  • BA 9366/7 London Gatwick (EGKK) - Montego Bay (MKJS) - B747-4
  • BA 9006/7 London Gatwick (EGKK) - Columbo (VCBI) - DC-10
  • BA 2262 Kingston (MKJP) - London Gatwick (EGKK) - B777-200ER
American Airlines
  • AA 240/1 Dallas/Fort Worth (KDFW) - Rome (LIRF) - B777-300ER
  • AA 108/9 Los Angeles (KLAX) - London Heathrow (EGLL) - B777-200ER// B777-300ER
  • AA 194/5 Phoenix Sky (KPHX) - London Heathrow (EGLL) - B777-200ER
Cathay Pacific
  • CX 110/1 Sydney (YSSY) - Hong Kong (VHHH) - B777-300ER// A330-300// A350-900
  • CX 113/198 Hong Kong (VHHH) - Auckland (NZAA) - B777-300ER// A350-900
China Southern
  • CZ 653/4 Zhengzhou (ZHCC) - London Heathrow (EGLL) - B787-8
  • AY 1/2 Helsinki (EFHK) - Los Angeles (KLAX) - A350-900
  • IB 6117/8 Madrid (LEMD) - Miami (KMIA) - B747-200// A350-900
  • IB 6051/2 Johannesburg (FAOR) - Madrid (LEMD) - B747-200// A350-900
  • IB 6025/6 Madrid (LEMD) - Rio de Janerio (SBGL) - B747-200// A350-900
  • IB 6027/8 Madrid (LEMD) - Sao Paulo (SBGR) - B747-200// A350-900
  • IB 6621/2 Madrid (LEMD) - Havanna (MUHA) - B747-200// A350-900
  • IB 6585/6 Madrid (LEMD) - Bogota (SKBO)* - B747-200// A350-900
  • IB 6339/40 Madrid (LEMD) - Panama City (MPTO)* - B747-200// A350-900
Japan Airlines
  • JL 47 Tokyo HND (RJTT) - Helsinki (EFHK) - B787-9
Malaysia Airlines
  • MH 145 Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) - Auckland (NZAA) - A350-900
Qatar Airways
  • QR 1347 Doha (OTHH) - Dar es Salam (HTDA) VIA Kilmanjaro (HTKJ) - B787-8

I would recommend EGLL-KMIA on a BA 787-9 or AA 77W. You get to see the nice scenery of the east coast if you decide to do the coast approach into KMIA.

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Denver-Santiago de Chile: likely 10:00hrs

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Is it a verified route?


That route doesnt exist irl, i would go to google flights and do some research with the explore feature.


I´m not triyng to be realistic…

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Hello! @stm.aviation
I’ve found some neat routes for you. I’ve decided to make sure they’re real world routes, realistic routes, with a livery present ingame. They also all happen to arrive in Sydney. If you depart in or after 2/3 hours, you’d be there for the beginning of tomorrow’s Friday Night Flight to enjoy some ATC service.


China Airlines 51/55 | A330 / A359 | 9:30 hours. It’ll be a lot shorter if you don’t follow real word airspace restrictions, so I’d recommend that you make sure your Flight Plan mimics the real world one. This flight is not always 9:30, but it’s pretty close.


Fedex77 | B777F | | 9:50
Nearly 10 hours, this route is only really interesting if you make sure your FPL flies over some islands, but the departure out of Hawaii and the approach from the East Coast into Sydney are definitely worth it!


China Eastern 711 | A359 | 9:50
Probably the best flight you’ll get here, it’s a livery that is rarely flown and you could give it some love.

Whether you fly these routes or not, Enjoy!


KBOS-PHNL is about 9:45 I think?

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If it’s not too late, a flight from Beijing to Amsterdam in the orange pride 77w is 10 hours and 40 minutes, but a little less because of winds. I would also recommend using flightaware and checking the flight times of departing and arriving aircraft on the route of your choice

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Thank you guys for the suggestion,
The suggestions from all of you guys are greatly im appreciate

Thank you! Thank you!

I’m a little late here but KEWR to PHNL is about 10 hrs

Try JFK to Bogota.

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