10 flights 10 photos

Welcome back to the first fully themed 10 flights 10 photos
This weeks theme I decided was exclusively tail shots, next post will be based on a sole continent, no spoilers yet 😉. As always enjoy!

1)Los Angeles to Aspen
United CRJ700
ETE 2h

2)Johannesburg to Frankfurt
Lufthansa A333
ETE 11:30

3)Dzaoudzi to Reunion
Corsair A339
ETE 2:30

4)Houston Hobby to Cozumel
SWA (Heart) 737-700
ETE 1:30

5)Frankfurt to Philadelphia (fly out hosted by @Captain_Ry)
Lufthansa 744
ETE 8:30

6)Perth Scone to Newcastle
Cessna 172
ETE 1:15

7)Washington DC (IAD) to Reykjavik (fly out, I can’t check if the host wants a invite so I’ll play it safe)
Icelandair 752
ETE 6h

8)Charlotte to Bermuda
AA 737-700
ETE 2:20

9)Seoul to Tianjin
Korean 77W
ETE 1:30

10)Oaxaca to Cancun (actual Volaris A319 flight)
Volaris A319
ETE 1:50

Which one’s your favorite?
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So that’s all for this one, as always hope you enjoyed and have a good rest of your day/night!


Very cool pictures, I was in both fly out’s and I also saw you do FACT-EDDF as I passed above you in an A359 doing MMMX-EDDM!

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Great photos, I love #1, #6, and #10!

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Correct me if I’m wrong but if I remember correctly Johannesburg’s ICAO is FAOR and Cape Town’s is FACT. Another point is that I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a AA 737-700 in IF

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Nice Shots, Should more be like 10 flights 10 Tails