10 flights, 10 photos

Welcome back to another 10 flights 10 photos!

I was going to do a theme and then I quickly realized that flying (even with only classics is eventually a pretty boring ask. So only the first 5 shots will have a theme the rest are just your regularly scheduled post. Enjoy!

1)London Gatwick to Houston (IAH)
Continental DC10
ETE 11h (holding pattern included)

2)Milan to Caracas
Avensa DC10
ETE 11h

3)San Francisco to Miami (with @Andre11, he’s in the AA 737-800)
National DC10 (more than I remembered)
ETE 4h

4)Minneapolis to Chicago (MDW)
NWA A319
ETE 1:20

5)London (LHR) to Frankfurt
BA 752
ETE 1:30

6)Toronto to Amsterdam (Could’ve been a better shot of the IF sky worked with me)
ETE 7h

That’s the end of the classics, normal business from here

7)Honolulu to DFW
AA 77W
ETE 8h

8)Madrid to Mexico City
Iberian A350
ETE 13h

9)Male to Frankfurt
Lufthansa A333
ETE 10:30

10)Santa Ana to Atlanta
Delta 752
ETE 3:50

(Missed opportunity)

Anyway as always hope you enjoyed! Feel free to answer on the poll below what was your favorite shot and as always, have a good rest of your day/night!

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how tf did you get the moon to look like that?

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If it’s about the fact that it’s more zoomed in it’s that you zoom out far enough and zoom in it should appear larger

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i’m talking about the detail, that looks like a cropped irl pic of the moon

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The moon is honestly surprisingly detailed in IF (no offense to the devs or anything).

Very cool and that moon looks beautiful and I like the retro vibe for the first few pictures.