10 flights, 10 photos

Another 10 flights, another 10 photos, that’s how it goes around here. I’m starting to think 21.5 is gonna be here sooner rather than later (don’t speculate but, when it does expect a bit of a delayed one, but a post like this dedicated to new liveries, the new 3d airports, and obviously the A339.) As always enjoy!

1)Skiathos to Sibiu (with @Canadian_Aviator )
ETE 2h
Tarom A318
(Info may be slightly inaccurate here, my apologies)

2)Charlotte to Minneapolis
ETE 2:30
AA 737-800

3)Moscow to Colombo (with @Canadian_Aviator again)
ETE 7:20
Sri Lankan A330

4)Houston to Istanbul (event hosted by @Cpt_Bosnia )
ETE 11h
Turkish A330 (I was the lone A330)

5)Toronto to Cayo Coco
(done in TS as it says the airport can’t handle the A330 while handling larger all the time)
ETE 3:10
Air Transat A330

6)Denver to Raleigh Durham
ETE 2:30
Frontier A321

7)Ontario to Taipei (weirdest long haul you’ll probably ever hear of irl)
ETE 13h
China Airlines 77W

8)Atlanta to San Juan
ETE 3:15
Delta A330

9)New Delhi to Paro (with @Sovereign_Gaming, @Canadian_Aviator again, and also features @Andre11) (he was watching landings why not)
ETE 2:15
Generic A319 (irl Bhutan Airlines)

10)San Jose Costa Rica to Madrid
ETE 10:45 (little holding pattern included so I could finish)
Iberia A330 (-300 did it once irl, so)

Now as always, my little outro, if you would like you can leave some criticism (I’d call these ones a bit weaker than usual, that might just be me though I’d love to hear your thoughts.) And make sure to vote for your favorite in the poll provided. As always have a nice rest of your day/night!

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Great photos, I love the last one!

Air Transat really has some intereting routes

That’s my boy!

Make sure to view these on full brightness for the pop of the colors 🔥

These are awesome!! I chose 5 and 6 but if I could choose a third option it would def be 10