10 flights, 10 photos

Another 10 flights, and then another 10 photos. That’s how this goes every time. Once again as soon as 21.5 comes out I will designate all my flights to 21.5 for about a week then get back on the level of this. Also when it comes out I will delete the few photos (if any) left of 21.4 that I haven’t posted. And then per usual, I appreciate you checking ny post out today and enjoy :).

1)Zurich to Boston
Swiss A333
ETE 8h

2)Muscat to Dubai
OmanAir A333
ETE 1:20

3)Montrose to Dallas (Love Field)
SWA 737-700 (Canyon Blue)
ETE 2:20

4)Singapore to Adelaide
Singapore A333
ETE 9h

5)Frankfurt to Dallas (DFW)
Lufthansa A333
ETE 10:30

6)Atlanta to Fort Wayne
KATL-KFWA (with @Andre11 )
Delta CRJ700
ETE 1:30

7)Varanasi to Mumbai
Spicejet 737-900
ETE 2h

8)Sydney to Auckland to Christchurch
(Yes it does go on to Christchurch irl and then goes back to YSSY)
Qantas A333
ETE (1): 2:30 ETE (2): 1:10 (let’s ignore that I forgot LNAV at a point)
Total ETE: 3:40

9)New York (JFK) to Saint Thomas
KJFK-TIST (with @Andre11, @Canadian_Aviator, and @Sovereign_Gaming)
Delta 752
ETE 4:50 (circles included)

10)Goose Bay to RAF Brize Norton
Canadian RAF C130J
ETE 5:40

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Then per my usual after comment, I would like to as usual mention my favorites, my personal favorites were 1, 8, and 9 in no particular order. Although my favorite is 9 for sure. As always feel free to share your thoughts and have a nice day/night, whichever it may be!


forgets to tag his controller

no one really tags there controllers🤷🏾‍♂️

Neat shots man loved every single one!! 😃