10 flights, 10 photos

Another one, bit delayed but I still did it eventually. No real direction towards most of my posts, I might attempt to start making my posts have a specific direction per each though (wouldn’t mind an opinion.) Anyway enjoy the post.

1)Bangkok to Mumbai
ETE 3h
Thai A333

2)Denver to Branson Regional
ETE 1:15
Frontier A320

(Operated once a day irl)
3)Lhasa to Chengdu
ETE 2:15
Air China A333

4)Zurich to Palma De Mallorca
ETE 1:45
Edelweiss A333

5)Cairo to Moscow Domodedovo
ETE 3:20
Egyptair A333

(Operated by the 738 as well)
6)Istanbul to Kathmandu (with @Canadian_Aviator)
ETE 4:50
Turkish A333

7)Dublin to Split
ETE 2:20
Ryanair 737-800

8)Split to Munich
ETE 1h
Lufthansa A320 (old livery)

9)Munich to Bilbao
ETE 2:30
Lufthansa A320 (old livery)

10)Santiago to Calama (El Loa)
ETE 2:10

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And then just as a little after comment, I’d like to know if the poll is a good idea. To address that my personal favorites are 6, 5, and 4 (not intended, also in no particular order.) And as always thank you for checking out my post today and always feel free to lay some criticism. Have a good rest of your day/night


Certainly your photo skills have improved! I liked all of them, good work

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Good job! Loved all of them your getting better

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