10 flights, 10 photos

Another 10 flights, another 10 photos, my usual is back again. As usual, always feel free to criticize my photos, mention your favorite(s). And have a good rest of your day/night. Enjoy

1)Johannesburg to Saint Dennis
ETE 3:20
Air Austral 777LR

2)Ternate to Jakarta
ETE 3:30
Garuda 737-800

3)Tokyo (Haneda) to Amami
ETE 2h
JAL Express 737-800

4)Charlotte to Saint Croix
ETE 4h
AA 737-800

5)Port Blair to Visakhapatnam
ETE 2h
Air India A320

6)Manila to Airai
ETE 3h
United (New Livery) 737-800

7)Airai to Guam
ETE 2:30
United (New Livery) 737-800

8)Auckland to Papeete
ETE 4:10
Air NewZealand (All Blacks) 77W

9)Denver to Reykjavik (Keflavik)
ETE 6:50
Icelandair 757-200

10)Dallas (DFW) to San Jose (Santamaria)
ETE 4:20
AA 757-200 (with a friend, also in a AA 757-200)

Hope y’all enjoyed these photos I have to present today, as always feel free to criticize or say your favorite, my personal top 3 is 8, 9, and 10 in order (ironically in order and last.) As always have a good rest of your day!


This looks like it’s the wrong picture!

But very cool pictures in total, especially the last shot was very creative!

Awesome photos! I must join you to create the most Epik photo ever. I really love the icelandair tail shot!

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And I just noticed that, you’re correct thanks for pointing it out for me :)

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