10 flights, 10 photos

Another 10 flights, another 10 photos, it’s just my normal post at this moment, I will once again create another post after 21.4 while purging off the 21.3 shots I’ve fallen behind on. In the meanwhile, enjoy this post per usual.

  1. CYVR-KDFW-KIND with @Andre11 and @Canadian_Aviator (I wanted to pitch mine, also Andre made a post on that so, feel free to check his out)
    Total ETE 6 hours
    AA 737-800

    2)Basel to Montpellier
    ETE 1:30
    EasyJet A320

    3)London Heathrow to Gibraltar
    ETE 2:20
    BA A320

    4)Addis Ababa to Moroni
    (HAAB-FMCH) (it says the A359 is to large, but it operates there irl on this route, so I did so anyway on TS)
    ETE 3h
    Ethiopian A359

    5)Orlando to Westchester County
    ETE 2:20
    JB A320

    6)San Diego to Frankfurt
    ETE 12h
    Lufthansa A340-600 (was a flight look it up)

    7)Sint Maarten to Charlotte
    AA 737-800
    ETE 2:30

    8)Miami to Charlotte
    AA 737-800
    ETE 1:40

    9)Charlotte to Bozeman
    AA 737-800
    ETE 3:10

    10)Bozeman to Phoenix (actually a AA A319, but you know that whole thing)
    AA 737-800
    ETE 1:45

    (That series ended at literally the perfect time to line up with my post)

Anyway, as always feel free to share which one (or ones) are your favorite, I personally love 10, 9, 8, 7, 4, and 1, but I must give this to 9. Also feel free to criticize me :). As always have a great day/night, whichever it may be.


Shiny bois
Nice photos :)

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Awesome shots Meh! The first shot was an incredibly fun flight.

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