10 flights, 10 photos

This is the same thing every time, might try to mix it up sometime soon with a theme for all of them but for now I’m sticking to the same exact format of the last 10 flights and the last 10 photos. As always enjoy.

1)Julio Cesar Airport to Sao Goncalo Do Amarante
ETE 3h

2)Istanbul to Tashkent
Turkish 787-9
ETE 5h

3)Campeche to Mexico City
Aeromexico 737-700
ETE 1:20

4)Saint Louis to Punta Cana
Frontier A320
ETE 4:20

5)Queenstown to Cairns (except the right photo this time)
JetStar A320
ETE 3:10

6)JFK to Hamilton
Skylink Express C208
ETE 2:20

7)San Antonio to Mexico City
Mexicana A318
ETE 2:30

8)Sao Goncalo Do Amarante to Ascension
ETE 4h

9)Ascension to Yamoussoukro
ETE 4:30

10)DFW to Bogota
AA OneWorld 772
ETE 5:10
(Holding pattern included)

With all these photos, I like to traditionally pick a favorite, it would be cheating if I picked what was almost identical to the last favorite so I’m between
3, 4, 6, and 7. And with none of them particularly amazing me I’m gonna go with the most underrated plane in 6. But feel free to share your favorites to and along with some criticism as always. Have a nice rest of your day/night.


KSTL is my hometown. I was born there in 2000. Keep up the great work. Nice shots man!

Nice shots man! The first one caught my eye straight away, definitely a fave with that fog!

could you please center the plane?

nice photos anyways