10 flights, 10 photos

And as I hinted yesterday back to back posts in 2 days, look at me trying to claw to where I can post new photos again. Anyway as always here’s my 10 photos from my previous 10 flights.

Nippon Cargo 748F
ETE 1:40

(Not a great scenic flight figures)
2)Fairbanks to Minneapolis (PAFA-KMSP)
Delta 737-900
ETE 5h (yes it’s a real flight)

3)London to Bahrain (EGLL-ORBI)
BA 772
ETE 6h

4)Queenstown to Gold Coast (NZQN-YBCG)
JetStar A320
ETE 3:10

5)Los Angeles to McAllen (KLAX-KMFE)
Allegiant A320
ETE 2:20 (once again real flight)

6)Canouan to Julio Cesar Airport (TVSC-SBJC)
ETE 5h

7)Washington DC to Fayetteville (KDCA-KXNA)
ETE 2:30

8)Vienna to Dubai (LOWW-OMDB)
Emirates A380
ETE 5:20

9)Arusha to Zanzibar (HTAR-HTZA)
ZanAir C208
ETE 1:30

10)Akron-Canton to Indianapolis (Eagle Creek)
Castle C208
ETE 1:20

As always, feel free to share your favorite photo, my personal favorite is close, either 4, 7, 8, or 10, but personally I can’t argue with my love for 4, final answer. Also feel free to lay out some criticism on the format, photos, or anything in general. (Glad I said general I almost didn’t change the category.) And as always have a good day.


Love all the pictures! My favorite is number 7!

Also, to my taste, number 4 is a little dark. But other than that I love it!

Ooh number 9 is my favorite! Glad to see people enjoying the scenery in Africa

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Its quite rare to see people using the C208 nowadays :0
My favourite is number 10,7 and 3 but the others look nice as well!

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