10 flights, 10 photos

Here I am again, late as always to making a post, by the way expect one tomorrow I have more than enough to make 2 posts in 2 days, anyway enjoy these photos of mine.

1)JFK to Edinburgh (KJFK-EGPH)
Delta 767-300
ETE 6h

2)Cali to Antofagasta (SKCL-SCFA)
ETE 4:30

3)Skopje to Dubai (LWSK-OMDB)
FlyDubai 737-800
ETE 5h

4)London to Grenoble (EGLL-LFLS)
BA A320
ETE 1:20

5)Johannesburg to Harare (FAOR-FVRG)
Air Zimbabwe A320
ETE 1:40

6)Mexico City to Hermosillo (MMMX-MMHO)
Viva A320
ETE 2:10

7)Munich to Rostock (EDDM-ETNL)
Lufthansa CRJ900
ETE 1:20

8)Caracas to Miami (SVMI-KMIA)
Centurion MD11F
ETE 4h

9)Edinburgh to Gibraltar (EGPH-LXGB)
Easyjet A320
ETE 3h

10)Perth to Cairns (YPPH-YBCS)
JetStar A320
ETE 4:20

According to my preview the bottom of select photos doesn’t matter, so if it’s like that for you just click the normal button to make it full screen. Anyway I found this one surprisingly easy to pick a favorite as I just fell in love with the JetSmart one when I made that shot. But I as always would love to hear criticism and whichever one is your favorite. Thank you for checking this out and have a good rest of your day/night! (How is my outro longer than the intro)


I love the ones with the airport views! Great photos😊

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Nice photos Man!

Hey! Nice Photos and all… but you 11 photos, Please check #screenshots-and-videos rules because the one of the rule are have No more than 10 photos per topic so please remove 1 and or more thank you.

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Hey I think you accidentally added that US Airways 757-200 there at the Viva A320 so you may want to check it out…
Anyways amazing photos keep the quality up! :)

Accidental, fixed now

And yeah accident, also thank you for the compliment

No worries we all make mistakes
You’re welcome :D

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Nice photos, also when did we get the air Zimbabwe a320!? I’ve never even noticed that before

We got it with the 21.1 update!

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