10 flights, 10 photos

Another 10 flights, another 10 photos, simple concept and definitely by far not my first of these, there’s really not to much more to say other than enjoy these photos.

1)Balmaceda to Puerto Montt (SCBA-SCTE)
Sky A320
ETE 1:15

2)Tokyo Haneda to Kushiro (RJTT-RJCK)
JAL 737-800
ETE 2:10

3)São Paulo to Campo Grande (SBGR-SBCG)
GOL 737-800
ETE 2:20

4)Toronto to Calgary (CYYZ-CYYC)
WJ 787-9
ETE 3:00

5)Dubai to Sydney (OMDB-YSSY)
Emirates 77W
ETE 12:30

6)Sydney to Hobart (eventual diversion from YMLT)
Virgin Australia B737-800
ETE 2:10

7)Hilo to Honolulu (PHTO-PHNL)
Hawaiian B717-200
ETE 1:00

8)Tokyo Haneda to Sydney (RJTT-YSSY)
ETE 10:30

9)Punta Arenas to Melinda (SCCI-SCMK)
ETE 1:30

10)San Francisco to Cleveland (KSFO-KCLE)
UAL A320
ETE 4:30

With all said and done, which one did you favor the most? I personally like 4, 7, and 8. But I give the not to slight edge to 8 because of the clouds and the mountains with it. But feel free to leave criticism and say what your favorite photo was.


Very nicely done!

I enjoyed the very last photo at KSFO, my home airport! It’s crazy to see how far Infinite Flight has come over the years; sometimes I can’t believe that this is real. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing and keep doing what you’re doing!


that may be the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen

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I love all of these photo’s! By far my favourite is the photo of the recently added West Jet livery. The Canadian landscape below, absolutely stunning! :)

Lovely pictures I especially love the Jet smart one thanks for sharing! ✈️

Epic shots man! Fantastic reminder of how great this sim is!