10 flights, 10 photos

Another 10 flights, another 10 photos, and finally beta, there’s usually not a specific theme to this but generally this week it’s going to be mostly photos that include terminals in them (unsurprisingly.) Anyway enjoy! (PS. Only 1 is going to break that theme)

1)Belfast to Dalaman (Turkey) (EGPH-LTBS)
ETE 4:40
EasyJet A320

2)Sault Ste Marie to Toronto Billy Bishop (CYAM-CYTZ)
ETE 1:30
Porter Q400

3)Seattle to DCA (KSEA-KDCA)
Alaskan 737-900
ETE 5h

4)Auckland to Queenstown (NZAA-NZQN)
Air New Zealand A320
ETE 1:30

5)Sochi to Lipetsk (URSS-UUOL)
S7 A319
ETE 2h

6)NYC (JFK) to Phoenix (KJFK-KPHX)
Delta A320
ETE 5h

7)San Francisco to Denver (KSFO-KDEN)
United 737-900
ETE 2:20

8)Los Angeles to Mexico City (KLAX-MMMX)
Aeromexico 757-200
ETE 3h

9)Cape Town to Johannesburg (FACT-FAOR)
South African Airways 747-200
ETE 2h

10)London to Munich (LFPG-EDDM)
Lufthansa A320
ETE 1:30

With that all said and done, feel free to per usual share your favorites and drop some criticism of you’d like to. Have a wonderful day/night! 10 flights, 10 photos


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