10 flights, 10 photos

My usual post, expect a lot of them as I have done a lot of flights. Anyway I am back with these 10 flights and therefore I am back with my 10 photos. (Also note there’s no 21.1 shots in here, I have a lot of others to burn through, but still definitely enjoy)

1)Chicago Midway to Jacksonville (KMDW-KJAX)
ETE 2h
SWA 737-700 (Illinois One)

2)Galveston to Mobile Downtown (KGLS-KBFM)
ETE 2h

3)Miami to Pereira (KMIA-SKPE)
ETE 3:50
AA 737-800

4)Cairo to Abuja (HECA-DNAA)
ETE 5h
Egypt air 737-800

5)Mobile to Naples (KBFM-KAPF)
ETE 1:20

6)Lisbon to Conakry (LPPT-GUCY)
ETE 4:30
TAP A320

7)Newark to Paris Orly (KEWR-LFPO)
ETE 6h
La Compagnie 757-200

8)New York (JFK) to Chengdu (KJFK-ZUUU)
ETE 15h
China Southern 787-8 (over the North Pole)

(How much better this photo could be in 21.1)
9)Atlanta to San Juan (KATL-TJSJ)
ETE 3:30
Delta 757-200

10)Adelaide to Doha (YPAD-OTHH)
Qatar A359
ETE 14h

With that said I will say with 21.1 this could look so, so much better. But despite that I’d like to hear your favorite photo and any criticism you might have. My personal favorite is between 1, 6, and 8, but I prefer 8 slightly more.


Wonderful shots keep it up ;)

Very nice the pictures awesome.

My top fav is 1, 4 and 7! Stunning!!!

Beautiful 🤩 thanks for sharing!