10 flights, 10 photos

Another 10 flights, another 10 photos, like usual posts this is exactly as it looks, 10 flights and 10 photos to go with. All flights were done TS.

1)Angeles to Doha (RPLC-OTHH)
Qatar B787-8
ETE 11h (had to do a little holding pattern should be around 10)

2)Miami to Santo Domingo (KMIA-MDSD)
Frontier A320
ETE 2:30

3)Puerto Plata to Moscow (MDPP-UUEE)
Nordwind 772
ETE 10h

4)Kuwait to Geneva (OKBK-LSGG)
Kuwait 77W
ETE 6h

5)LaGuardia to DFW (KLGA-KDFW)
AA 737-800 (Old Livery)
ETE 3h

6)Buenos Aires to DFW (SAEZ-KDFW)
AA 77W
ETE 10h

7)Mataveri (Easter Island) to Santiago (SCIP-SCEL)
Latam 787-9
ETE 5h

8)Cozumel to Galveston Scholes (MMCZ-KGLS)
ETE 3h

9)Beijing Daxing to Casablanca (ZBAD-GMMN)
Royal Maroc 787-9
ETE 13h (Took a extremely long route)

10)Ashgabat to Moscow (UTAA-UUWW)
Turkmenistan 777LR
ETE 3h

(Criticism always appreciated)

Anyway with all photos posted, I would like to hear your favorite if you want to share it, my personal is really between 2, 3, 4, 6, or 7, but I gotta love 7 more. And with everything said and done have a good rest of you day/night.


Hello there! I believe this should be moved to the #screenshots-and-videos category!

Great photos though!

2nd time that’s happened, and thank you

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No problem!

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Stunning pictures

The Last Shot is Amazing!!! Nice Work

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