10 flights, 10 photos

Another 10 flights, another 10 photos, there’s not much of a complex background this is something I’ve been doing since roughly November of last year and it’s stuck with me ever since. All flights were done in TS.

1)Palm Beach to LaGuardia (KPBI-KLGA)
JetBlue A320
ETE 2h

2)Helsinki to Phuket Thailand (EFHK-VTSP)
Finnair A350
ETE 10h

(Critique on this one is especially appreciated)
3)Atlanta to Exuma (KATL-MYEF)
Delta CRJ900
ETE 2h

4)Colombo to Sydney (VCBI-YSSY)
SriLankan A330
ETE 10:10

5)Miami to Tel Aviv (KMIA-LLBG) (New Route)
AA 772
ETE 11:30

6)Phoenix to Lihue (KPHX-PHLI)
AA A321
ETE 6h

7)Auckland to Invercargill (NZAA-NZNV)
Air New Zealand A320
ETE 1:40

8)Nagoya to Detroit (RJGG-KDTW)
Delta A350
ETE 12h

9)Stuttgart to Thessaloniki (EDDS-LGTS)
Aegean A320
ETE 3h

10)Acapulco to Tapachula (MMAA-MMTP)
TBM 930
ETE 2h

(Criticism also more appreciated)

With everything said and done, it’s time to pick favorites, my personal favorite is 7 and or 9, I’d love to hear your personal favorites and maybe even some criticism as well. And most importantly have good rest of your day or night :)


Wow that was incredible. I bet it took a long time for 10 flights. I personally can’t do 10 flights.