10 flights, 10 photos

Due to me taking massive breaks (again) it’s already time for another 10 flights, meaning another 10 phots. This one is filled with the normal photos a d a few (in my opinion) well executed shots from the ground, also one moonshot. All flights were done TS.

1)Dubai to Karachi (OMDB-OPKC)
Emirates B777LR (far plane)
ETE 2h

2)Love Field (Dallas) to Roswell (KDAL-KRSW)
Southwest (Canyon Blue) 737-700
ETE 2:10

3)London Gatwick to Tampa (EGKK-KTPA)
BA 772
ETE 8:30

4)Los Angeles to Eureka (KLAX-KACV)
United CRJ700
ETE 1:15

5)Krasnoyarsk to Frankfurt (UNKL-EDDF)
Air Bridge Cargo (ABC) 747-8F
ETE 5h

6)DFW to Del Cabo (KDFW-MMSD)
AA (Astrojet) 737-800
ETE 3h

7)Hangzhou to Urumqi (ZSHC-ZWWW)
China Southern 787-8
ETE 5h

8)Mexico City to Cancun (MMMX-MMUN)
Aeromexico 772
ETE 2:10

9)Dubai to Khartoum (OMDB-HSSK)
FlyDubai 737-800
ETE 3:20

10)Baku to Nakhichevan (UBBB-UBBN)
Azerbaijani A319
ETE 1h

My favorites were pretty close between 10, 7, 6, 3, and 1, but I’m a big fan of what I did on 1. Geek free to share your favorite shot and add criticism, and as always have a good rest of your day/evening/night.


Awesome shots, loved the last one. That Azerbaijan livery + the scenery is beautiful!

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Azerbaijan airlines livery is underrated! Very beautiful

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Awesome pics, great job. Just wanted to let you know also that KRSW is South west Florida international airport aka Ft. Myers and not Roswell for pic number 2 @Meh. Once again beautiful pictures

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10/10 photos.

Azerbaijan is soooo underrated, not even just the livery the scenery is to

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